A Location for Your Retreat


 Are you a healer, artist, coach, yoga instructor or teacher looking for the perfect locale to hold a retreat of your own? Contact us as we are happy to help you plan the perfect event, with excursions, menus and accommodations arranged to suit most any small group. With the whole property dedicated to your group for the duration of the retreat, it will be a memory everyone will cherish forever.  

The Ecuador Experience


Hosting a retreat at Casas Pacíficos is much more than holding classes and eating great food.  It's an opportunity to experience the beauty of Ecuador, and to embrace the culture of this amazing country. We love to share our adopted homeland with our visitors, and will ensure that you have time to experience as much of it as you would like to see.  

Creativity and Passion


Kate and Lynn also hold several in-house retreats each year.  If you are are a writer, healer or musician seeking creative inspiration or guidance, consider attending one of our events. In addition to accommodation, lovingly prepared local, fresh food and local excursions, we promise to make this retreat memorable and transformative!

House Retreats at Casas Pacíficos

Writing Retreats


Have you ever said, "Someday, I'd like to write a book."? Whether you envision writing a memoir or a how-to book, our writing retreats will give you the guidance and tools.... and perhaps most importantly, help you get into the headspace, to make your dream a reality. Led either by guest facilitators or by Kate, you will be shepherded  through the creative process. At the end of the retreat, you will be well on your way to realizing your dream. 

Harp Retreats


“This experience was truly beyond the exciting expectations that I originally had. To return home with skills that fueled my self confidence to create a new passion in my life... is simply stellar and my heart is filled with gratitude.” From an attendee of the first Harp Retreat at Casas Pacificos. Visit Kate's Retreat Page for information on how to sign up for 2019's event.   

Healing Music Retreats


Whether you are seeking help for a physical ailment, an emotional burden, or are simply seeking respite from stress, the healing power of music and sound can have amazing results. Here at Casas Pacíficos, we are holding healing music retreats to guide you through your journey with the power of the harp, vibroacoustics, Reiki, chimes, labyrinth walks, and much more. Learn more at The Healing Sound of Music